Young girl’s trip to watch kites highlights importance of family ties, imagination

Young girl’s trip to watch kites highlights importance of family ties, imagination

Inspired by the creativity and liveliness of children, Bill and Katie Frederick created “The Kite Surprise” to entertain young readers

INDIANAPOLIS (MMD Newswire) April 4, 2011 — Bill and Katie Frederick’s “The Kite Surprise” (ISBN 1453656588) is an engaging picture book for the preschool and beginning reader that teaches the importance of families spending time together, sibling relationships and the power of holding on and letting go.

Celia Belle Addison joins her family on a trip to the Atlantic shore to attend a kite festival. Celia Belle watches in amazement as her brother, Ansel, decides to enter the contest. Ansel has quite a few tricks up his sleeve; he flies the kite through the wind as a professional would. Readers witness Celia Belle’s excitement as she watches her brother do incredible things with a little bit of string, and the wind as his guide.

The Fredericks inject a bit of lighthearted suspense into the story of “The Kite Surprise,” as Celia Belle and Ansel learn the maneuvers of holding on and letting go. The young girl observes such possibilities as she watches the kites. The parents provide young readers with a warm story of the fun enjoyed during a traditional family gathering.

“The inspiration behind this story came as I attended a mental health workshop when I was asked to recall a nice memory,” Bill Frederick says. “I remembered watching a kite contest with friends while on a trip to Kitty Hawk.” “The Kite Surprise” highlights youthful innocence through Celia Belle who loves the simplicities of life, like flying a kite. The Fredericks create a classic story emphasizing the importance of families spending time together and the special bonds that siblings hold.

“The Kite Surprise” is available for sale online at, and other channels.

About the Authors:

“The Kite Surprise” is the first book for coauthors Bill and Katie Frederick. Bill, who has been a clinical mental health therapist for 34 years, maintains a solution-focused private practice. Known for his storytelling and wit, he helps his clients garner wisdom for their daily life situations through stories. Katie provides specialized business research, writing and development for corporate clients. She has worked in communications, marketing and executive positions for nonprofit organizations and business start-up enterprises. They reside in Indiana.

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