The Kite Surprise

With a timeless plot, this heartfelt picture book reads like a fable with charming characters that are winsome, engaging and unforgettable. Celia Belle Addison travels with her family to the Atlantic shore where they find a kite festival. She soon realizes that to see is to believe ― and that her big brother has a few tricks up his sleeve. The “Last Kite Down Contest” entices Ansel to buy a kite and enter the contest that will decide the kite-worthiest – or adult – around. Amidst dozens and dozens of other sky streamers, many far more extravagant than this own, Ansel will prove he’s got what good kite–fliers are made of.

Throughout the day, Celia Belle is flabbergasted, in awe and pour as she follows her brother’s kite flying quest. This heartwarming and adventuresome read is sure to become a favorite for little ones with big imaginations.

Petra – a resident at Tanglevine Crossing, Farmland, IN – was duly impressed with Celia Belle’s adventure. She purrred about the beach being a perfect sandbox in which to lie in the sun, play and watch those kites.

Just received the books. Sat right down after work and read it. I love it – good story, fun pictures, and a nice quality book. Can’t wait to get copies to our grandkids.
Love It! I can’t wait to read to my granddaughters. It’s so beautiful and a wonderful story.
Your book is beautiful. I’ll let all my grandmother friends know about it.