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Patches and the Delightful Dragon Day!”

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Patches and the
Delightful Dragon Day

Soup loving Patches Turtle sets out to meet his friends and find the well-known Stone Soup Café. Near Kickapoo Lake, the blustery wind blows a hat on his head; it fits perfectly. He hears a tiny voice talking. Did the hat talk? Suddenly Patches coughs and sputters and transforms into a DRAGON!

Friends Redfoot Rabbit and Bushy Bear are spellbound by the fire-breathing dragon. Trailing along to find the well-known soup, Patches rescues Chatty Blue Cricket caught under a boulder. After bumps and scares along Kickapoo Path, they reach the café where Mama G is crying. How will they help solve the dilemma for Mama G? Why does Patches say this was the greatest day of his life?

Patches and the Delightful Dragon Day epitomize how society adapts to change and engages with a diverse group of old and new friends.

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Don’t get hit by a dragon’s tail, not even a friendly one.

Just received the books. Sat right down after work and read it. I love it – good story, fun pictures, and a nice quality book. Can’t wait to get copies to our grandkids.
Love It! I can’t wait to read to my granddaughters. It’s so beautiful and a wonderful story.
Your book is beautiful. I’ll let all my grandmother friends know about it.